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Strategic aim

In the period between 1997 to 2003 the strategic objective was to establish and introduce the company into the market, operating Slovak-wide in the field of cleaning, inspecting, repairing, reconstruction and maintenance of technologic equipment for oil products, supply and assembly of pump station technologies, storage of oil products and complete supplies of investment units for pump stations with emphasis on acquiring new customers.

In 2003, after buying the majority business share the company became independent from the holding company EZOP Moravia a.s. (JSC). Company adopted a new strategic objective, which is to broaden its sphere of activity and influence to ensure company’s growth, improve economic results and to reach appropriate profit as well as to attain technical and technological potential alongside investing into necessary technology and to rank among certified companies with quality management systems with the aim of further emphasis, preservation and improving of quality of services.
After economic and commercial consolidation and defining the strategies in 2005 and gradual extending of activities, the company forged into leading position on the Slovak market in the main scope of company’s activities. These activities are mostly directed at:
  • cleaning and inspecting of storage tanks, issuing of certificates (reports) in accordance with legislation in force,
  • disassembly, disposal and demolition of old environmental burdens,
  • reconstruction and maintenance of storage tanks and technological equipment for oil products,
  • preparation of second jacket for storage tanks,
  • supplies and assembly of technology for pump stations and storage houses for oil products,
  • complete supplies of investment units for pump stations
  • revitalization of areas with ecological burdens,
  • waste transport and disposal,

with emphasis on ecology, respecting of legislation in force and quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2000.